Gary Bhattacharya : Advisory Board Member

In process

Ex - FaceBook, Saavn, Motorola India, Samsung Group and a coveted value investor in high conviction ideas. His investments span across India/USA and APAC markets and his invested companies have disrupted markets and attained high growth. He calls himself as a gentleman of leisure and an investor into anomalies. He is inspired by ace investors like Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, Mohnish Pabrai and Guy Spiers. He is a regular reader of two books on which he bases his life and business decisions, which are , The Intelligent Investor & Poor Charlie’s Almanac.

Education : London Business School (MBA), NIT Rourkela (B.Tech).

Data Processing Milestones

July 2018

In terms of data processing for our clients we had achieved few milestone as startup.

  • Processing as many as 10 million rows of data per Week
  • 10+ successful client projects delivered
  • Integrated data from different sources
  • Integrated with 20+ different applications of client including SAP, Peoplestrong ALT

Crossed Rupees 1 Million Purchase order Mark June 2018

June 2018

It’s been a great journey for past one year where we got our first purchase order and now we crossed Rupees 1 Million or 10 Lakhs mark. Its small milestone but a great boost to #StartUp like us where we started making difference for Organization associated with us. Will assure our commitment to all our clients. Thanking specially to @Peoplestrong who believed in us by giving regular business order.

Launch of Integratr Platform for SaaS based Product Companies

Jan 2018

Identifying the problem faced by SaaS based product company, where its very difficult for them to address custom solution required by their clients. We created Integratr platform not only solving customized need of clients but also features like Data Integration with different Platform, Single Sign-On, Reports Downloads, Restful API Framework (tweaked #MasterDataNode Framework). With per day development and low recurring cost we reduce development and implementation effort of our clients by almost factor of 4, eventually help them saving Money.

#StartUpIndia Recognition DIPP7405

15th August 2017

ArcTop Labs got its #StartUpIndia Recognition DIPP7405 by Government of India. Having unique and distinct idea of solving Data needs of future. Benefit's are as follow :

  • Reduction in cost for patents and trademarks
  • Easy access to Funds set-up by government of India
  • Apply for government tenders
  • No time-consuming compliances
  • Self-certify compliance (through the Startup mobile app) with 9 labour and 3 environment laws
  • Easy exit : close business within 90 days from the date of application of winding up

First Purchase Order from Peoplestrong

18th May 2017

Received first purchase order from our essteam client Peoplestrong Hr services to build Integration solution of its SaaS based PeoplestrongALT platform for its client. This help them to solve data accessing from client platform and seamlessly integrated to PeoplestrongALT platform which help Peoplestrong to focus on their core SaaS Product.

Launch of #MaterDataNode Restful API Framework

January 2017

Restful API Framework on Cloud to Create APP/IoT base connected solution with easy and access data anywhere anytime. Data can be accessed using http/https protocol URL along with json data.

Founding ArcTop Labs

November 2016

For the passion of changing Data Technology and providing easy to access framework for Unstructured growth of data. ArcTop Labs was founded in November 2016, by Dushyant Gadewal and Monika Gupta.

Name ArcTop Labs derived from :

  • Arc : A part of a curve
  • Top : Highest point
  • Labs : Laboratory for building technologically advance solution